Bermad Hydraulic Control Valves

Deeco's extensive knowledge of valving is gained over our 65 years existence This experience allowed Deeco to introduce and  competently represent to NZ and the Pacific Bermad's complete valve product range for the last 25 years. Deeco is unique in the world for we represent all their different valve divisions for all market sectors modified to NZ conditions.

Bermad unique design allows for over one thousand control function variations to be fitted to the basic hydraulic valve. Deeco offer a full application valve design service as well as on site commissioning and valve warrant of fitness annual service programs.

Deeco Services maintains a large stock of solenoids, diaphragm, spare parts and repair kits for all Bermad Series

For further data on the range of Deeco Bermad control valves or technical details, please use the "Contact Us" and we will send you information. Alternatively view the Bermad website for current product details.

 Download the Bermad 100 Series Control valves brochure

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 Download the Bermad 400 Series Control valves brochure


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