Euromag Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Through collaborative efforts with industry, Euromag flowmeters are able to offer a compact, lightweight irrigation meter design for economical and easy installation and operation. These flowmeters also offer integrated solutions for onsite or automatic remote data sharing to regional councils. Features include:

  • No moving parts
  • Unique field generation structure providing 1000:1 turndown
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Integrated data logger
  • Meter mounted telemetry option
  • Compliance with NZ Ministry of Environment requirements
  • European designed and manufactured with standard replaceable battery
  • PTFE liners for water and effluent applications
  • ISO and OIML European certified

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Euromag 2200

Euromag 2200/2500 series

The EuroMag 2200/2500 series of electromagnetic sensors represent new technology for accurate measurement of water reticulation and process applications.

This new generation sensor incorporates improvements to signal protection as well as the magnetic distribution elements to create a unique electromagnetic field profile that ensures accuracy in turbulent, transitional, and laminar flow regimes. These new extended linearity EuroMag meters are capable of measurement in a range of more than 1000:1 without the aid of linearization software.

Euromag 1100 series

Euromag 1000/1100 series


These meters are typically used in agriculture or environmental monitoring of:

  • Farm and Irrigation Water supply
  • Irrigation and Pump Control

Pipe Connections