Hendrick Screen Company - Water Intakes and Passive Intakes

Throughout our 78 year history, Deeco has built a close working relationship with the water supply industry in New Zealand. With an in-depth understanding of our customers’ requirements and demands, we were able to successfully introduce Vee-wire/Wedge-wire screens to the NZ market over 40 years ago.

Hendrick Screen Company has over 40 years of experience and technical expertise in the production and design of stainless steel resistance welded and profile bar screens, and is a leading producer of passive water intake screens used for the withdrawal of water from streams, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Our stainless steel screens are 316B compliant.

The Hendrick Passive Intake Drum screen is ideal for use in quiet waters, lakes, reservoirs and other locations where the water-current passing the screen is very low. Drum screens are usually mounted with the flat or curved top looking up, so debris will collect on a non-screen surface.

In general, a passive intake drum screen is used for low water withdrawals or when space is at a premium. 

In high debris environments, debris removal is achieved with the installation of a Hendrick air burst system. Debris is carried up and away from the screen surface with a rapid release of air through a manifold of nozzles designed into the intake system. Screens can be cleaned with an air burst daily, weekly, monthly or any predetermined time specified.

It is a good practice to incorporate air burst piping in the design stage of a water intake screen, even though the air burst system purchase may be deferred or delayed. The air manifold can be uncapped and connected when required.

Intakes and passive intakes can be manufactured using copper nickel, duplex stainless & 304, 316L stainless.

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