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In 1981 Deeco Services Ltd established trading links with Israel to look to introducing their new micro sprinkler and drip irrigation technology.  This Irrigation technology development was pioneered by Naan Dan in the 1970’s with Dan’s micro sprinklers and Naan developing the world’s first cylindrical in pipe drip emitters.  This generated a worldwide revolution in irrigation techniques.

Working with the NZ Fruitgrowers Federation and Ministry of Agriculture, Deeco sponsored the costs of hosting two Israeli agronomists in NZ over a 5-year period in the mid 1980's.

Much has changed in the past few decades, with NaanDanJain becoming a global force in irrigation. With patented cascade dripper design to prevent clogging, their growth is led through innovation.

With over 100 drip line extruder options NaanDanJain provide an extensive range of dripline and button drippers widely utilised in New Zealand agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, landscape, and treated effluent disposal.

The Pressure Compensating Drip liners are available in Anti Siphon as standard in a range of flow rates and spacing’s to suit all applications.  With millions of meters of dripline in use, NaanDanJain driplines are a high quality, proven product for New Zealand conditions at an economical price.

With factory-trained engineers and in-house Irricad system design capability, operated by internationally recognised Certificate of Irrigation Design qualified design engineers, Deeco with NaanDanJain Irrigation is well established in New Zealand as the professional's choice for irrigation product and system design.

For the correct application of proven irrigation products and system design, please Contact us and we will send you the information or service you require.

AmnonDrip PC, CNL & PC AS


Innovative, pressure-compensating (PC) dripline with special anti-syphon (AS) and compensating non- leakage (CNL) models, based on the Cascade labyrinth

  • Ideal solution for irrigation in topographically challenging terrain, and where long laterals are required
  • CNL option for pulse irrigation of orchards, open field crops and greenhouses
  • Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI), for accurate irrigation of orchards, open field crops and greenhouses

Main Features

  • PC AS: Pressure compensating anti-syphon design prevents suction at draining stage. Suitable for subsurface drip irrigation
  • Pressure-compensating non-leakage design reduces lateral filling time and facilitates pulse irrigation.
  • Efficient self-cleaning turbulence provided by the Cascade labyrinth
  • Hydrodynamic dripper design ensures continuousflushing of sediments and small dirt particles
  • Low CV for maximal uniformity
  • Weir structure improves root intrusion resistance and sand suction
  • 3D water inlet structure improves clog resistance
  • High-quality silicon diaphragm
  • Both carton and coil package options are available (see packing and shipping table)
  • Colored cap facilitates easy identification of dripper model
  • Download the NDJ AmnonDrip 16mm technical brochure
  • Download the NDJ AmnonDrip 20mm technical brochure
  • Download the NDJ Cascade Labyrinth technical brochure


TopDrip HD PC AS


Innovative, cost effective, heavy duty pressure-compensating (PC) and anti-syphon (PC AS) thick-walled dripline models based on the cascade labyrinthRow crops like Sugercane, vegetables etc.

  • Row crops and vegetables
  • For orchards and other multi-seasonal applications
  • Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI)
  • Variable topography
  • Irrigation of long rows with high uniformity

Main Features

  • Accurate pressure-compensating dripper
  • Low CV: 3.0 %
  • Cascade labyrinth incorporated for maximal clog resistance
  • Protection from root intrusion
  • Unique double self-cleaning mechanism
  • Allows longer laterals with EU of 95%
  • Large water passages for optimal durability at low flow rates
  • Multiple channel water inlet for operation under heavy dirt load
  • Close dripper spacing creates a continuous wetted stripe
  • Anti-siphon design prevents suction at draining stage
  • Recommended for subsurface drip irrigation
  • Download the NDJ TopDrip HD 16mm technical brochure
  • Download the NDJ Cascade Labyrinth technical brochure