NaanDanJain Micro Sprinklers

In 1981 Deeco Services Ltd established trading links with Israel to look to introduce their new micro sprinkler and drip irrigation technology. This new irrigation technology development was pioneered by NaanDan in the 1970's and generated a worldwide revolution in irrigation techniques. Working with the NZ Fruitgrowers Federation and Ministry of Agriculture, Deeco sponsored the costs of hosting two Israeli agronomists in NZ over a 5-year period in the mid 1980's.

After 30 years Deeco Services Ltd are still heavily committed to the correct application of quality irrigation product to benefit primary producers. This commitment covers the supply of well screens, filtration, control valving, metering and the extensive range of NaanDanJain micro sprinklers, dripline emitters, agricultural impact sprinklers and landscape sprinklers.

With factory-trained engineers and in-house Irricad system design capability, operated by internationally recognised Certificate of Irrigation Design qualified design engineers, NaanDanJain Irrigation in NZ is well established as the professional's preference.

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