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With over 35 years of experience in the NZ Irrigation industry and having fostered close working relationships with manufacturers, DEECO is unique in its depth of application knowledge. 

With internationally pioneering research in central Otago in the late 1980's, the Naan 233AF Sprinkler established itself as the proven product for application of overhead water for frost protection. NaanDanJain have now introduced a complete range of frost protection rated sprinklers for vegetables, fruit trees, kiwifruit, and vineyards.

Pastoral irrigation options ranging from K-line / Pod systems (designed around the NaanDanJain 5022 SD), to mobile irrigators and stands, are all standardised on Naan impact sprinklers.  Apple, Olive, Avocado as well as Kiwifruit crops have all benefited from the superior performance of the NaanDanJain Micro and Mini sprinkler products for efficient irrigation proven under NZ conditions over the last 30 years.

With product so successful, NaanDanJain Sprinklers are some of the most copied in the world.

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SD - Super Diffuser, The ‘arm’ makes all the difference

In order to differentiate its products, the 5022 SD, 6025 SD and 5035 SD and and take immediate action against counterfeits and copies, NaanDanJain began last year to affix a hologram with a unique code to its sprinklers, to confirm their authenticity.
However, the company is doing even more. NaanDanJain has opted to turn this challenge into an opportunity by developing a new and innovative product: the SD, or selective diffuser.
The SD, which has been patent registered, is an engineering upgrade that is difficult to copy. Following its highly successful assimilation into a limited number of the company’s flagship sprinklers, the implementation of the SD technology has been expanded.
NaanDanJain is now proud to introduce the SD family, which comprises eight advanced sprinklers, five of which are used widely around the world, and the remaining three will be marketed soon.

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