NEW NaanDanJain 5022 SD PC


Features :
• Unique and innovative modular PC mechanism.
• Easily change full circle sprinkler into part circle sprinkler and vice versa.
• Unique hammer combined with SD (Super Diffuser) plate designed for uniform distribution even at low operation pressure (1.5 bar).
• Spacing up to 14 m.
• Combining with full-circle sprinkler ensures that 100% of the water remains within the irrigation area.
• Wide range of flow rates makes it the ideal partner for every full-cricle sprinkler in any crop or field.
• High-impact, heavy-duty plastic materials provide resistance to corrosion, chemicals and UV radiation.

The range of sprinklers are split to two groups. Red sleeve with 2.5mm and 2.8mm and the black sleeve with 3.0mm and 3.2mm.

The Standard 5022 SD can easily be changed from full-circle sprinkler into part-circle sprinkler by:



Reaching the 50-Year mark in any organisation calls for celebration

BERMAD 50 years are earmarked with achievement of goals, growth, and pride of accomplishment, recognition is due to all those who have contributed to the success..
When BERMAD was founded in 1965, with only a select few employees, they could hardly foresee their growth to an international leading company with a staff of over 700 fifty years later.

We at BERMAD and DEECO wish to express our sincere appreciation to you for your loyal support as we also celebrate 35 years of partnership between BERMAD and DEECO with Deeco and New Zealand being their second oldest international representative after Japan.
It is not just about longevity and the shared experiences and knowledge gained , but also about the enduring commitment required to maintain and increase momentum.
DEECO's extensive knowledge of valving has been gained in our own 77 years existence. This experience allowed DEECO to introduce and competently represent to NZ and the Pacific BERMAD's complete valve product range for the last 35 years. 

DEECO is unique in the world, in that we represent Bermad’s valve divisions for all market sectors Including Waterworks, Fire Protection and Irrigation valving solutions specified to meet NZ conditions and requirements, we commonly provide custom built Control Valve solutions from DEECO's Wellington factory to meet customer's different and specific needs.

Once again, thank you for helping us make the past 35 years so successful as we look forward to many more years of success together. 

Below some examples of early collaborations of Deeco with Bermad on the New Zealand projects.

September 1987 - National park Potable water supply

September 1987 - National park Potable water supply

May 1992 - Watercare Services ALtituDE RESERVOIR LEVEL CONTROL VALVES

May 1992 - Watercare Services ALtituDE RESERVOIR LEVEL CONTROL VALVES

SEPTEMBER 1996 - Queenstown Lakes district council - pump control valve & surge anticipating valve

SEPTEMBER 1996 - Queenstown Lakes district council - pump control valve & surge anticipating valve

NaanDanJain New Zealand Dripline Success

This season, Deeco provided the controlled market release of NDJ's field proven and patended CASCADE Pressure Compensating Anti-Syphon dripper (PC-AS), within the AMNON and new TOP DRIP HD driplines manufactured at Kibbutz Naan in Israel.

The Cascade Labyrinth drippers of AMNON and TOP DRIP HD driplines were supplied by Deeco this season in both 1mm wall thickness carton spools and 1.2mm wall thickness round coils in both 16mm and 20mm diameters.

This seasons applications resulted in over 21 containers of these NDJ driplines being supplied to Deeco's NZ dealers for installation in effluent, viticulture and horticultural apple orchards. These installations covered both new "green" field developments as well as replacement of existing aging competitors dripline products.

NaanDaanJain vineyard project in Marlborough - OCTOBER 2014