NaanDanJain New Zealand Dripline Success

This season, Deeco provided the controlled market release of NDJ's field proven and patended CASCADE Pressure Compensating Anti-Syphon dripper (PC-AS), within the AMNON and new TOP DRIP HD driplines manufactured at Kibbutz Naan in Israel.

The Cascade Labyrinth drippers of AMNON and TOP DRIP HD driplines were supplied by Deeco this season in both 1mm wall thickness carton spools and 1.2mm wall thickness round coils in both 16mm and 20mm diameters.

This seasons applications resulted in over 21 containers of these NDJ driplines being supplied to Deeco's NZ dealers for installation in effluent, viticulture and horticultural apple orchards. These installations covered both new "green" field developments as well as replacement of existing aging competitors dripline products.

NaanDaanJain vineyard project in Marlborough - OCTOBER 2014