New Amiad SIGMA Irrigation Filter - VIDEO

The Amiad SIGMA is the first real innovation in Automatic Hydraulic Filter design in 25 years and showing performance well above existing filters for the irrigation market

Multi-screen filter 

Sigma includes five screens to create a large 6000 cm2 filtration area relative to its compact size. This enables the state-of-the-art filter to handle high flow rates while maintaining a small footprint and reducing startup costs

Unique mechanical components 

Run by an advanced single hydraulic turbine and a smart gear, Sigma significantly reduces running costs. Requiring no power source and operating at a minimum pressure of 1.5 bar/22 psi during the flush cycle, the solution lowers energy consumption Based on Amiad’s suction-scanning screen technology, Sigma carries out automated focused flushing to reduce self-cleaning frequency. And by utilizing less flushing water while continuously filtering, Sigma further lowers overall water consumption.