NaanDanJain New Zealand Dripline Success

This season, Deeco provided the controlled market release of NDJ's field proven and patended CASCADE Pressure Compensating Anti-Syphon dripper (PC-AS), within the AMNON and new TOP DRIP HD driplines manufactured at Kibbutz Naan in Israel.

The Cascade Labyrinth drippers of AMNON and TOP DRIP HD driplines were supplied by Deeco this season in both 1mm wall thickness carton spools and 1.2mm wall thickness round coils in both 16mm and 20mm diameters.

This seasons applications resulted in over 21 containers of these NDJ driplines being supplied to Deeco's NZ dealers for installation in effluent, viticulture and horticultural apple orchards. These installations covered both new "green" field developments as well as replacement of existing aging competitors dripline products.

NaanDaanJain vineyard project in Marlborough - OCTOBER 2014

NaanDanJain New Innovative MagicDrive and Smart Jet Family

Following the introduction of the patented  Super Diffuser (SD) to its entire impact plastic sprinkler range in 2013, NaanDanJain releases this year 2 new innovative products resulting from years of R&D and holding exclusive patents, the Smart Jets and the MagicDrive.

This season we continued to see the introduction and development of many new products from our international suppliers.
The rate and speed of R&D development and market availability seems to increase and the ability for Deeco to train in these new product features, gain supply and make them available to our customers is an increasing challenge we must all meet in this world of rapid technological expansion.

Both these products will be available from Deeco Services in the coming weeks.

MagicDrive & MagicDrive LA

Non-Impact 1/2” sprinkler mounted on Irristand 52 or riser


  • Irrigation and germination of vegetables and field crops
  • Viticulture and Orchard cane irrigation on high risers 2-3m due to its stable operation without vibration
  • Overhead cooling in orchards and plantations
  • Low Angle (LA) version available for undertree irrigation


  • Maintenance free for long lifespan
  • Special long term warranty of 7 years 
  • Can function with contaminated water
  • Hermetically-sealed silicone chamber protects silicone from leakage
  • Silicone with magnets ensure constant rotation speed and prevents wear and tear
  • Excellent water distribution uniformity in spacing of up to 14 m
  • Color coded nozzle and swivel
  • High-impact and heavy duty plastic materials for resistance to corrosion and UV radiation
  • Download the MagicDrive brochure
  • Download the MagicDrive LA brochure

 Smart Jet Insect Proof and Smart Jet Insect Proof PC

Smart Jet Insect Proof and Smart Jet Insect Proof PC

 Smart Jet Classic and Smart Jet Classic PC

Smart Jet Classic and Smart Jet Classic PC


  • The only static jet in the market that has all options of pressure compensation and insect proof with a variety of patterns: Smart Jet, Smart Jet IP (Inspect Proof), Smart Jet PC and Smart Jet PC IP.

  • Full and wide range of options makes it easy and economical to match any application.

  • Smart Cap to limit wetted area for irrigating young trees.

  • Replacing the Turbo Jet & Dan Jet ranges


  • For orchards, vineyards, citrus and landscape
  • Well suited to dwarf Apple close planting


  • All models use the same frame for each unique jet pattern.
  • Exclusive approach of insect Proof based on extended nozzles.
  • Insect Proof model reduces plugging and amount of labor needed to check plugging.
  • Troublesome spider maintenance of sprinkler and jets avoided. 
  • PC model maintains flow and enables using longer laterals.
  • No wear & tear.
  • Large variety of nozzles & jet patterns.
  • With different jet patterns, Smart Jet family can match any tree spacing.
  • Adaptors are available for matching Smart Jet to NDJ spikes (31, 36 & 37) and 5.8mm rod.
  • For young trees Smart Cap to limit wetted area. To be removed for larger wetted area (mature trees).
  • Download the SmartJet Family brochure

New Amiad SIGMA Irrigation Filter - VIDEO

The Amiad SIGMA is the first real innovation in Automatic Hydraulic Filter design in 25 years and showing performance well above existing filters for the irrigation market

Multi-screen filter 

Sigma includes five screens to create a large 6000 cm2 filtration area relative to its compact size. This enables the state-of-the-art filter to handle high flow rates while maintaining a small footprint and reducing startup costs

Unique mechanical components 

Run by an advanced single hydraulic turbine and a smart gear, Sigma significantly reduces running costs. Requiring no power source and operating at a minimum pressure of 1.5 bar/22 psi during the flush cycle, the solution lowers energy consumption Based on Amiad’s suction-scanning screen technology, Sigma carries out automated focused flushing to reduce self-cleaning frequency. And by utilizing less flushing water while continuously filtering, Sigma further lowers overall water consumption.