Metering Project in Rarotonga


12 Euromags remote mounted converters waiting to be fitted to their sensors

The government of the Cook Islands ("CI Government") is embarking on a multimillion dollar upgrade of the water supply system on Rarotonga, with the goal of “delivering potable water, reliably, to all properties connected to the existing water supply network, by 2015” ("Water Supply Upgrade").

In order to achieve its target, the CI Gov has formed “Te Mato Vai” – the Cook Islands Water Partnership – with the governments of the People’s Republic of China and New Zealand.
Funding for the water supply upgrade will be provided through a combination of Cook Islands budget funding, a Chinese government loan and grant assistance from New Zealand.

The Water Supply Upgrade will involve rehabilitation of 12 water intakes, creation of additional storage capacity, construction of treatment plants and replacement of all trunk mains, ring mains and local distribution to the boundaries of all properties served by the current network. Further background details on the Water Supply Upgrade are provided in Schedule 1.

In association with Humes Pipeline Ltd, Deeco offered for this large metering project in Cook Island the Euromag 2200 Series electromagnetic flow meter, fitted with Maddelena Arrow Radio Transponders (effectively a pulse collector).  The Transponder is programmed with the meter registration (reading) upon installation.

This project allowed Deeco to prove again how powerful and versatile the Commcell 4 ATX can be. Connected to pressure transducers, 12 Commcell ATX currently pressure data for those water meters installed on the trunk lines from the mountains.