Sensus Industrial Water Meters

Deeco's 30 years of expertise in water metering, together with our recognised industry involvement in setting NZ standards and industry code of practice for water metering, has allowed us to select the correct meter product from the extensive Sensus range ensuring compatibility with the maximum range of applications in New Zealand.

Potable Water Supplies

These include bulk supply and district meters as well as highly accurate supply meters for domestic, commercial, and industrial consumer connections.  Sensus provides greater low flow sensitivity, accuracy and operating life than other international and traditional positive displacement meters.

Regional Council Resources Metering

Deeco have available three ranges of meters specifically designed for application on raw water supply points. These meters are better able to handle the high flow volumes and poorer water quality found in untreated surface and bore water. The meter registers also incorporate rate of flow dials as well as electronic data output for remote reading and data logging.

Industrial and Building Services/Commercial Meters

This domestic flow meter range is available in hot or cold water specification and provides an electronic interface for remote monitoring, control, and billing.

For assistance and information on water meter products, confirmation of our current stocks and correct selection and use, please Contact Us.

Sensus Meistream


Sensus WP Dynamic (Class B)

Sensus Meistream PLUS (Class C - R315 to R630) 


Sensus HRI-Mei 

The HRI-Mei is a capture device for Meistream bulk water meters. All MeiStream registers are prepared to receive the HRI-Mei.

The HRI-Mei can be retrofitted without breaking the meter's seal and provides a high resolution pulse output with water flow direction detection.