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Backflow preventer Double check detector 350DAL100


Deeco's personnel and products comply with NZ Standards (NZS2845 and AS4089-2004) and the NZWWA Backflow Code of Practice with permanent personal certified as cross connection control testers (ABT's & IQP's) and hazard surveys. Deeco have represented Zurn Wilkins to the NZ market having pioneered the introduction of backflow preventers in the late 1970's.

Backflow Preventer Reduced Pressure type RPZ 375LXL025 25mmWilkins pressure regulator ranges are world leaders with many millions of units in service dating back more than 50 years.

With Double Check (type DCV), Dual Check (type BFP), Reduced Pressure (type RPZ) and Single Check backflow preventers, the Wilkins extensive range covers all pressure regulation applications of both potable water supply as well as rural water supply.

Backflow preventer type RPZ - Reduced Pressure 975LXL15 15mmDeeco are able to assist you with design, specification, application and technical engineering field support through our product engineers being available from our Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch service branches.

For further data on Deeco's Wilkins valves or technical application data, please use the "Contact Us" and we will send you the information. Alternatively view the WILKINS/ZURN overseas website for current details. 



Please Note: due to NZ standards compliance and industry practice , product 
can differ from those shown on our manufacturers wed site with some
 items being unavailable to NZ compliance requirements.

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