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BIC 1500 - CPU Firmware Update

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BIC 1500

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BIC 1500 Controller - CPU Firmware Update Tutorial

This update require Programmer. -> More information about Programmer here

Required software: Cboot

Note: Serial tool can be used for version check.

The latest firmware version is - V0.198.111 (updated 1/2021)

Step 1 - Cboot Software and HEX file download

Note: Hex file is a special file format.

The Cboot software can be downloaded in the Download section or visit the link below.


Step 2 - Power up the BIC 1500 Controller

Note: Use the power supply.

Step 3 - Connect the Programmer

Connect a Programmer device to a USB PORT (Black cable) on your computer and to the PC Socket (Grey cable) on the Sapir 2 hardware as described below.

Step 4 - Open the SerialTool Software

Before installation, please check the current firmware version

1) Select the COM PORT

2) Click on START (STOP) Button

3) Type: "version?" to the console line

4) The response will be visible on the respond bar. e.g. Sapir-2 AC ver.0.196.3 - Firmware Version

5) Click on the STOP Button to close the connection

6) Close the SerialTool Software

Step 5 - Open the Cboot Software

Note: You must close the SerialTool software!

Select the Communication port (image below).

To identify the USB SERIAL PORT, right click on My PC, Select Properties->Device manager->Ports (Com & LPT). - For more information please see the troubleshooting guide below!

Step 6 - Load the HEX File

Click the LOAD button (1) and browse to Sapir 2 firmware version hex file and select it. The pathway to the file will appear on the screen (2).

Step 7 - BIC 1500 - Loading mode

Note: The BIC 1500 controller needs to be switched to a loading mode.

Press and hold the BOOT button on the BIC1500 hardware then press the RESET button. Leave the RESET button and after one second leave the BOOT button.

This action turns the BIC1500 mode to Loading Mode.

During Loading Mode, the BATTERY led turns on and STATUS led blinks.

Note: The Load mode will be active only 2 minutes! After this time period you must activate the load mode again.


Step 8 - Updating the firmware

To start the upgrading process, click the PROGRAM button. The upgrading process will start.

Progress indicator will appear on the screen. At the end of the upgrading firmware version process, and Terminated message will appear.

Update in progress:

Update has been susccessful:

To close the CBoot software, click EXIT.

Note: Leave the controller for a few minutes. Then you may disconnect the controller from power.

Additional information and Troubleshooting

#1 Communication error

If the Cboot software show message - Communication error ->

STEP 1) double check if the BIC1500 is in the load mode.

STEP 2) Check the USB connection (to your PC).

STEP 3) Check the Programmer connector.

STEP 4) Close the Cboot software and try it again.

#2 What is my COM Port

STEP 1) Press the WIN key + R

STEP 2) Type: devmgmt.msc and press enter

STEP 3) Find the section for Ports (COM & LPT)

Note: If you have Hard drive or mouse connected to your PC - You may see more than one COM port in use.

Software + Hex file