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BIC 1500 - WiFi Direct Communication via SPOT App

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Step 1 - Wake up the Sapir 2 (BIC1500) Controller

Press the Wake Up button which located on the bottom of the Sapir 2 (BIC1500) package

Note: If you are using Modem (Sim Card) - You must switch the modem off.

Modem ON - The switch is on left position + LED's are on

Modem OFF - Change the Switch to right position. The LED's will turn off

Reset the controller - PRESS RESET BUTTON

Step 2 - Connect your phone / tablet to the Sapir 2 Wi-Fi

  • Open Settings
  • Navigate to Wi-Fi Settings
  • Select the Sapir 2 Wi-Fi Network
  • Insert the Wi-Fi network password

The password is 12345678

  • Press OK button for the message: "Internet may not be available"

Step 3 - Open the Spot3 app

  • Open the Spot3 app
  • Select the Wi-Fi Direct (From the network list)
  • Do not use name or password!
  • Press sign in button

Now you have the access to the Sapir 2 (BIC1500) controller using the Spot 3 app and Wi-Fi Direct.