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September 1, 2020

New Dream Console ver. 3.3.4 Update

1) Reset program error status: This new feature allows user to clear error or warning by current run or cycle of the program. To activate this function user should press button “Reset state” in Console panel above list of all irrigation programs or appropriate item in context menu of selected program.

2) Show context menu also in the object list: This is the new feature in the Dream Console application. From now on when you have several graphs in one chart you do not need target needed one to call context menu. You can easily move mouse pointer to the left down corner to the list of sensors and press there on right button of your mouse – voila you have context menu of selected graph where you can easily remove it from chart or change color.

3) Added day zebra to sensor charts: It should make more visible day start and end in case of graphs in range from several days to several weeks.

4) No need to press Enter button in the Image Maker: We disabled this function for now and coming back to the situation when simple change of the active cell in the Image Maker cause saving of the previous one.

5) Console will restore all added controllers after “sleep mode”: If you add some controller to your console and did not use it for a while, after restoring of it from tray of your computer it will show all previously added controller. In case of work with one controller Console restore also all selected graphs.

6) Added indication that controller is blocked by firewall: Now user will see if his controller is blocked by firewall. In the status of the controller he will see red text “Firewall protection warning” and red exclamation sign on device icon. To solve this situation user should contact local dealer to release controller from firewall list and check it connection to the internet.

7) Added automatic update and block for old versions of the Dream Console: Please keep your Dream Console software up to date.

How to update your Console

1) Open Console app

2) Open Advanced tools menu

3) Open Console Preferences

4) Open Advanced

5) Select Option - Check for Updates

6) Press Ok.