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September 1, 2020

New Dream Spot ver. 2.3 Update

- Reset program error status: This new feature allows user to clear error or warning by current run or cycle of the program. To activate this function user should swipe program to the right or left and press “Reset state” icon.

- Customize order of programs in program list: This new feature allows user to order programs according his needs. To do it user should go to programs list and press long on needed program in the list. After it become selected user can drag it to any place of the list.

- Target status screen will now indicate if target is blocked by firewall: If it will happen with one of devices user will see in the device list red marked text “Firewall protection warning” and red exclamation sign on device icon. To solve this situation user should contact local dealer to release controller from firewall list and check it connection to the internet.

- Now user can give names also to fertilizer injectors in Spot: From now on user can give to fertilizer injector some friendly name to make identification of it easier.

- We add French language to the Spot.

- Water dosage can be changed if program have status “Between cycles”.

- Various bug fixes and improvements.

How to update Dream Spot app

For iOS users:

1) Open App Store

2) Click on Search

3) Type: Dream Spot

4) Click on Update App

Note: If the app is showing "OPEN" - Your app is updated!

For Android users:

1) Open Play Store

2) Search for Dream Spot

3) Update the app

Note: If the app is showing "OPEN" - Your app is updated!