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June 14, 2021

New Dream Console ver. 4.0.0 Update

How to update your Console

Option A

Open the Console Software - The console software should suggest you to install the new update..

if not:

Option B

1) Open Console app

2) Open Advanced tools menu

3) Open Console Preferences

4) Open Advanced

5) Select Option - Check for Updates

6) Press Ok.

7) Restart the Application

New Update Features

1) Added possibility to create personalized Dashboard in Dream Console:
Now user is able to create personalized dashboards which will include only required elements for each case or scenario. User can create unlimited number of dashboards and set one of them as a Dream Console start page. All elements of the Dream Console can be combined in the dashboard.
Dashboard is a unique element and will be saved on the computer where it was created. It cannot be moved to another computer. If user works with several computers, he will have to created it again on the second one.

2) Added option to extend leakage counter accumulation period to 24 hours:

This option change leakage detection period to 24 hours. Counter will reset only after this period. It can be found in the Settings -> System.

3) Added new service of interactive GIS maps:

This new feature allows user to see their irrigation objects on the real map in different options (map, satellite…). It can be found in Geography tab in the Config menu item. User can see active valves, sensors, and water meters values. Also able to start/stop programs, or open/close specific elements - such as a valve, or pump.. All controller elements can have GIS coordinates and be showed on the map.

The Map can be created or edited only in Dream Console, but controlled also in Dream Spot.

4) Maximum value of crop factor was increased up to 999:

According to demands of several clients we increased maximum value for Crop Factor up to 999. Now it can be between 0 and 999.

5) Various bug fixes and improvements in the Dream Console.

And much more!

For more information and Detailed tutorials, please visit our Support page - www.deeco.co.nz/support