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Amiad Semi-Automatic Filters Systems

Amiad filters can be upgraded to semi-automatic operation by adding one of Amiad's exclusive Brushaway or Scanaway assemblies. Flow Rate: up to 50m³/h Filtration degree: 3500 to 22 micron Maximum Operating Pressure: 10 bar


AMIAD Semi-Automatic Filters


  • Simple turn-of-a-handle cleaning of the filter screen
  • Eliminates the need for turning off the water and extracting the filter screen for rinsing
  • No interruption of the process water flow during cleaning
  • Low pressure loss
  • Available as an upgrading kit for Amiad manual filters from 2”-14”
  • Fitted with a “Clogging Indicator”


Amiad’s exclusive Semi-Automatic assemblies provide a quick and efficient way for cleaning manual filters. Amiad’s Scanaway and Brushaway are add-on assemblies built for upgrading Amiad’s steel and plastic filters to semi-automatic operation by adding simple turn-of-a-handle cleaning mechanism to the filter’s screen.Upgrading a manual filter to semi-automatic operation eliminates the need for turning-off the water and extracting the filter screen for rinsing, with the semi-automatic assembly the process flow is not interrupted during operation. Amiad’s semi-automatic assemblies are fitted with a Clogging Indicator for visually monitoring the status of the filter element without disrupting the water flow. A red button pops-up from the indicator when the differential pressure across the screen reaches 0.5 bar. Amiad’s semi-automatic assemblies are available for all Amiad manual filters from 2” to 14”.

How the “Clogging Indicator” Works

The Clogging Indicator is a special feature mounted on the filter pressure check points and acts like a “traffic light”. When the pressure differential across the screen reaches a pre-set value of 0.5 bar the red button of the Clogging Indicator pops-up to visually indicate that the filter needs cleaning.

How the “Scanaway” Assembly Works

The Scanaway assembly consists of a suction-scanner, a hollow pipe with suction nozzles, that is facing the inner side of the screen. Outside the filter a handle is connected to the “suction” scanner, allowing turning of the scanner in a spiral movement so it rotates inside the screen surface without touching the screen mesh. Opening the exhaust valve at the filter lid creates low pressure conditions in the suction scanner, which cause the scanner nozzles to suck-in the dirt particles from the screen surface and expel the dislodged particles out through the exhaust valve. Scanning is done during the filtration process without having to stop the flow of process water through the filter

How the “Brushaway” Assembly Works

The Brushaway assembly consists of nylon brushes fitted ona frame and inserted into the filter screen. A simple handle, outside the filter, allows brushing away particles from the inner screen surface and expel them out from the filter through the exhaust valve. Brushing is done during the filtering process without having to stop the flow of process water through the filter.

Technical Specifications

2" T dimension

3" T dimension

6" Super dimension

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Amiad Semi-Automatic Filters Systems

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