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Bermad 3-way Universal Pilots

Bermad 3-Way Reducing pilots. 10 bar rated plastic, 16 bar rated Brass. Standard adjustment range 1-7 bar with other spring ranges available on request.


This product page including:

  • Bermad - 3W - Universal "SHARP" - Mini Pilot - Model PCP-X-AP and PCP-X-AM
  • Bermad - 3W - Positioning Pilot Valve - Model X

Bermad - 3W - Universal "SHARP" Mini Pilot - Model PCP-X-AP and PCP-X-AM

Product code: PCP-X-AP (Plastic version)
Product code: PCP-X-AM (Metal version)

SHARP is the most sensitive and accurate mini-pilot in the market. It is a multi-purpose 3-Way mini-pilot, diaphragm-operated, based on a balance between the hydraulic force acting on the diaphragm, and the mechanical force of the calibration spring.   The pilot can be configured on valves to regulate valves for sustaining or reducing dependent on the plumbing.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal Mini-Pilot: Serves as a pressure reducing pilot, pressure sustaining pilot & hydraulic relay
  • Easy fit-in: Connections are identical to PC-X & Servo (PC-S) mini-pilots, allowing easy & simple on-site upgrade
  • High Quality: All calibration springs made of Stainless Steel
  • Accurate & Flexible: Pressure setting range: 0.5-10bar; 8-145psi. Tolerance: < 2m; 3psi


The SHARP Mini-pilot sensing chamber is connected to the relevant pressure source according to application.

The SHARP directs control pressure to & from valve control chamber, by opening and closing water passages:

  • When sensed pressure higher than setting: 0 <-> 3
  • When sensed pressure equal to setting: 2 <-> 3 <-> 0 “locked”
  • When sensed pressure lower than setting: 2 <-> 3

Typical applications

  • Pressure Reducing
  • Pressure Sustaining
  • Pressure Reducing & Sustaining
  • Hydraulic relay

Technical data

Pressures Rating: PN10

Temperature Resistance: water up to 50°C; 122°F

Flow Factor: KV (@1 bar DP); CV (@1 psi DP)

Ports “0” to “3”: 0.22m3/h; 0.25gpm

Ports “3” to “2”: 0.16m3/h; 0.18gpm

Construction Materials

Plastic Cover: Polyamide (Nylon) 6 with 30% glass fiber

Metal Cover: Brass

Plastic Body: Polyamide (Nylon) 6 with 30% glass fiber

Metal Body: Brass

Elastomers: NBR

Internal Metal Parts: Stainless Steel

Spring: Stainless Steel

Ports: 1/8” NPT


0 – Upstream: Pressure Reducing; Vent: Pressure Sustaining

3 – Valve control chamber

2 – Vent: Pressure Reducing; Upstream: Pressure Sustaining

1 – Sensing

Calibration range of springs

Bermad - 3W - Positioning Pilot Valve- Model X

Product code: X

This multi-purpose, direct acting, 3-Way positioning pilot is actuated by a pressure responsive diaphragm, which tends to reach equilibrium with the set spring force.

The pilot directs flow and pressure between its ports:

  • When sensed pressure is above set point, it connects port “C” to “0”.
  • When sensed pressure is equal to set point, it blocks connections between all ports.
  • When sensed pressure is below set point, it connects port “C” with “A” and “Z”. An integral needle valve restricts flow through port "Z".

Typical Applications

  • Pressure Reducing Valves (Type X) sizes 11/2-10”
  • Pressure Sustaining Valves (Type X) sizes 11/2-10”
  • Adjustable hydraulic relay (N.O. or N.C.)
  • Automatic regulation override (feature 09) sizes 11/2-10”

Technical Data

Pressure Rating: 25 bar (350 psi)

Working Temperature: Water up to 80˚C (180˚F)

Flow Factor:

Closing (0 to C): Kv 0.26 (Cv 0.3)

Opening (C to A): Kv 0.35 (Cv 0.4)

Standard Materials

Body & cover: Brass

Elastomers: NBR

Internals: Stainless Steel & Brass

Spring: Galvanized Steel

Optional Materials

Metal Parts: Stainless Steel, Nickel Aluminum Bronze, Hastalloy

Elastomers: FPM (Viton®)

Adjustment Range


0 - Upstream for reducing, vent for sustaining

C - Valve control chamber

A/Z - Vent for reducing, upstream for sustaining

F/D - Sensing/pressure gauge

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Bermad 3-way Universal Pilots

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