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Bermad Model 740 - Booster Pump Control Valve

Double chambered, hydraulically operated, active check pump control valve that opens fully or shuts off in response to electric signals. The valve isolates the pump from the system during pump startup and shutdown, thereby preventing pipeline surges.


The BERMAD 700 Series large size control valves are hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated type. Unique hydro-dynamic globe valve design with a special open plug provides high flow capabilities. The valves are available in the standard configuration or with an Independent Check Feature code “2S”.

Features and Benefits

  • Hֺydrodynamic wide globe valve body provides:
    - Higher flow (Kv; Cv) than standard globe valves
    - Higher resistance to cavitation damage
  • Iֺn-line serviceable
  • Vֺalves are suitable for working with all types of command:
    - Hydraulic, Electric and Pneumatic.
  • Sֺelf-operated valves that can work without an external source of power.
  • Wֺide range of options and accessories:
    - One-way or two-way flow direction
    - V-Port
    - Cavitation cage
    - Visual position indicator
    - Limit switches
    - Analog opening output
    - Large selection of control accessories
    - Double chamber actuation (700-M6)
    - Large inspection and service ports (700-M5L)

Major Additional Features

  • Fֺix Proportion PRV – 720-PD-M5/M5L/M6
  • Pֺressure management valve – 7PM-M5/M5L/M6
  • 3ֺ-way control – 720-X-M5/M5L/M6
  • Aֺnti cavitation cage – 720-C2-M5/M5L/M6
  • Iֺndependent check feature – 720-2S-M5/M5L/M6
  • Cֺheck valve – 720-20-M5/M5L/M6
  • Sֺolenoid control – 720-55-M5/M5L/M6
  • Eֺlectrically selected multi-level setting – 720-45-M5/M5L/M6
  • Hֺigh sensitivity pilot – 720-12-M5/M5L/M6
  • Dֺownstream over pressure guard – 720-48-M5/M5L/M6

Typical Installation



Bermad Model 740 - Booster Pump Control Valve - Operation - OPEN

Reverse Flow

Bermad Model 740 - Booster Pump Control Valve - Operation - Reverse Flow


Bermad Model 740 - Booster Pump Control Valve - Operation - CLOSED

Main Valve

Valve Pattern: Globe

Size Range: DN 500-1200; 20”-48”

Pressure Rating: 40 bar; 600 psi

End Connections: Flanged

Temperature Rating: 60°C; 140°F for Cold water applications

Optional higher temperature: Available on request

Coating: Dark blue Fusion bonded epoxy

Control System

Standard Materials:

Accessories: Stainless Steel, Bronze & Brass

Tubing: Stainless Steel or Copper

Fittings: Stainless Steel or Brass

Solenoid Standard Materials:

Body: Brass or Stainless Steel

Elastomers: NBR or FPM

Enclosure: Molded Epoxy

Solenoid Electrical Data:


(AC): 24, 110-120, 220-240, (50-60Hz)

(DC): 12, 24, 110, 220

Power Consumption:

(AC): 30VA, inrush; 15VA (8W), holding or 70VA, inrush: 40VA (17.1W), holding (DC): 8-11.6 W

Values might vary according to specific solenoid model.

Pilot Options:

For more details check solenoid product page.

BR 740-E Controller:

Supply Voltage: 110, 230 VAC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: <8VA Solenoid

Circuit Fuse: 2A (internal)

Pump Control Circuit Fuse: 1A (internal)

Dimensions: 96 x 96 x166 mm (DIN), 0.75 kg

Housing Material: NORYL (DN 43700)

Limit Switch:

Switch Type: SPDT

Electrical Rating: 10A, type gl or gG

Operating Temperature: Up to 85°C (185°F)

Enclosure Rating: IP66


  • Recommended maximum flow velocity: 6.0 m /sec; 20 ft /sec.
  • Minimum operating pressure: 0.7 bar /10 psi. For lower pressure requirements please contact us
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Bermad Model 740 - Booster Pump Control Valve

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