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BIC 100 Controller

The BIC 100 is an innovative, time based, user-friendly controller that offers a full range of features for complete control of agriculture irrigation, fertigation and filtration applications. The BIC 100 Controller incorporates an easy to use programming interface with a modular hardware configuration that allows up to 10 outputs and is available in AC or DC.

BIC 100 AC/DC 4

Features and Benefits

  • Modular hardware: Versatile and flexible adaptation to the Grower/Farmer’s needs
  • Built in Fertiliser injection control – Efficient chemical implementation for increased yields, and profitability.
  • Filtration control: can run both filter backflush and irrigation systems from the same controller
  • 3 dry contact inputs:

1. Input for triggering the start of program C (e.g by a temperature sensor for Frost Program)

2. DP sensor input for triggering of backflushing program F

3. Rain sensor input that triggers the rain delay

  • Versatile irrigation programs

- Three programs for up-to 10 valves operating sequentially

- 6 start times for each irrigation program

- Independent water and fertiliser run times per valve

- Frost protection, Cooling procedure or any other program started by a sensor

- Main valve control

- Pump control

- Adjustable water run-time per program (0-250%)

- Unlimited rain delay

BIC100 Typical Application

Typical Application

  • Professional time based irrigation control
  • Irrigation controller for open field, orchard, vineyard, mesh houses and greenhouses
  • Irrigation control of up to 10 zones in the AC or DC models.

Connectivity with field's control components

  • 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 12VDC Latch or 24VAC outputs
  • User configurable main valve or pump

Technical Specifications

  • Enclosure: UV Resistant ABS
  • Temperatures: Ambient: (-17) to 60ºC; Storage: (-30) to 70ºC;
  • Protection Rating: IP67; NEMA 4X
  • Dimensions: Length: 145 mm;  Height: 235 mm; Width: 80 mm;
  • Weight: 0.7Kg;

Power Supply:

  • DC Outputs: 12V 3aH rechargeable battery
  • 4xD Size alkaline batteries
  • AC Outputs: 24 / 120 / 220V AC.

Configuration Options

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BIC 100 Controller

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