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Sensus Hot Water Meter

The flow sensor WPD FS 130°C is used for measuring hot process water in heating systems with high relatively constant flow rates.


Main characteristics

  • Patented hydrodynamically balanced rotor
  • Patented symmetrical calibration adjustment
  • Hermetically sealed register (IP 68)
  • Register may be rotated through 360º
  • High overload capability
  • Removable measuring element
  • Up to 3 pulsers (1 x OD, 2 x RD) may be fitted without breaking the approval seal
  • Powder coating ensures maximum corrosion protection


Flow sensor for heat meters for commercial and light industrial use DN 50 bis 150 for customer billing

For measurement of hot process water up to 130 °C

For high permanent flow rates such as generated by pumps, as well as for the measurement of low flow rates in off-peak periods

Installation in horizontal and vertical pipe lines

Technical Data

Technical Data

Typical Accuracy Curve and Typical Head Loss Curve

Accuracy Curve and Head Loss Curve



Pulse Values

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Engineering Data*
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Sensus Hot Water Meter

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