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Wedgewire Strainers and Flat Panels

From the extraction of groundwater to the treatment of wastewater, Johnson Wedge Wire Screens has a Wedge Wire Screen (Profile Wire Screen) that will fit the role. Our water well screens are made from robust designs that can cater to varying depths and gravel formation types. Given our flexible working culture and stock material, we can provide fast turnarounds of water well screens. Simply fill in the water well screen datasheet and we will get back to you promptly with our offer.


Due to the wide range of options available and criteria for correct model selection, pricing of screening systems is available on application only. Please contact Us.

Cylindrical Screens for Outside to Inside Filtration Flow

External circumferential wire and axial internal support rods.

  • Economical and suitable for most application
  • Precision opening
  • Application : Filter cartridges / Diatom candle filters / Header laterals / Rotating drum screens / Nozzles / Resin Trap

Cylindrical Screen for INSIDE OUTSIDE Filtration

Internal axial wire (wire-base)

  • Smooth internal screen surface
  • Facilitates cleaning with an internal axial-movement scraper
  • The flow moves across the wire edges for effective dewatering
  • Application : Trommel screens with internal feed / Systems with an internal rotor or screw / Dewatering systems / Baskets / Automatic filters

Cylindrical Screen for INSIDE OUTSIDE Filtration

Internal circumferential wire (re-rolled)

  • Smooth internal screen surface
  • External axial support rods
  • Application : Screw press


Standard diameter : 50 mm

  • Economical and non-plugging design, High open area
  • Application : Collectors and distributors installed uniformly across a plate or a header lateral arrangement / Demineralizers, water softeners and in pressure and gravity sand filters

Screen Lateral Systems

Effective media retention in a wide range of application

  • Uniform collection or distribution flow of a gas or liquid through treatment media without dead zones
  • The assemblies can be designed to accommodate flow in any direction
  • Slot size 0.05 mm and up in 0.01 mm increment, diameter from 20 mm up
  • Assemblies are typically made with type 304SS, 316LSS or other exotic alloys



Johnson Screens’ 120° Sieve Bend Screen are used in static sieves for either dewatering or classification. As the slurry flows over the inclined screen surface, the perpendicular layout of the wires to the flow, allows for solids to be retained while liquid passes through the screen. Made from Vee-Wire screens, the 120° Sieve Bend Screen can provide up to 50 percent more open area with a narrower wire profile. With a number of manual-handling restrictions, Johnson Screens has developed an innovative split-sieve design. This design offers a simple, economical benefit by reducing the physical size and the weight of the screen.


• Reduced equipment and installation costs

• Low maintenance costs

• Better flow rate and finer fiber removal

• Wide range of applications• Longer screen life

• Slot sizes range from 25 μm to 0.394 in. (10 mm)

• Made with 300 series stainless steel

Cylindrical Baskets

Cylindrical baskets can be designed for a flow from out to in (standard construction) or from in to out (re-rolled construction). These screens are adapted for self-cleaning filters or screw press filters and can be cleaned with static scrapers.


• Dimensions adaptable to any specific needs

• Large range of constructions (wires, rods)

• All slot sizes from 25µm

• Flanges and reinforcement rings available depending on the application


• Self cleaning surface

• High open area

• Strong construction

Features• Dimensions adaptable to any specific needs• Large range of constructions (wires, rods)• All slot sizes from 25µm• Flanges and reinforcement rings available dependingon the application


Continuous-slot Vee-Wire® screens

Screen design is, without question, a critical factor in designing an efficient well. The well should be designed to serve two basic purposes: allow access to the formation for development purposes and permit unobstructed entry of water into the well.

Continuous slot, Vee-Wire® stainless steel screens permit water to enter along the entire screen and allow maximum access to the water bearing strata, for proper development to take place. This in turn leads to:

  • Lower pumping costs: Less drawdown inside the well
  • Less pump wear and longer well life

High Capacity Intake Screens

The Hendrick screens intake design offers many benefits

  • LOW COST : The Water Intake has a simple design that is connected directly to a pipe system and has no moving parts simplifying installation, operation and maintenance
  • LIMITED MAINTENANCE : Fully welded construction with no moving parts featuring a non-plugging slot design. Manufactured using corrosion and encrustation-resistant materials
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY : The slot- through velocity of the Hendrick Intake is very low (> 0.15 m/s) prevents damage to aquatic life
  • EASY CLEANING : The air backwash system (Airburst™) is remotely located and automatically operated and does not require diver intervention
  • NO DISPOSAL OF DEBRIS : During backwash, debris is carried away by the current, with no further on-land debris disposal required
  • ADAPTABILITY : Each water intake is designed specifically for site conditions

COANDA Sieve Screen

Efficient water intake screening in remote and rugged streams or rivers where elevation drop across the weir is available.

The unique concept and design minimizes debris impingement by maintaining enough water flow over the screen surface to sweep any solids off the end of the screen. If the pool of water upstream exceeds the screen design, excess water will pass over the screen and on downstream. If the head over the ogee crest falls below design flow debris will begin to accumulate on the screen surface. This accumulation will not adversely affect through-screen capacity but will hinder debris by-pass. The screen structure is of quite durable construction and will pass small tree limbs and stones without being damaged.

Due to the wide range of options available and criteria for correct model selection, pricing of screening systems is available on application only. Please contact Us.

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Wedgewire Strainers and Flat Panels

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