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How to download data from data logger Dcell W & Dcell W2D
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How to download data from data logger Dcell W & Dcell W2D

How to download data from data logger Dcell W & Dcell W2D

Using this method, you can check if the data logger is registering pulse from your meter/reed switch.

Note: Default configuration is data logging every 15 minutes. You need to wait 15 minutes to see the result. (Or change the log interval to 60 sec. Then save the configuration. Test your meter and change the log interval back to 900 sec.)

Note: To be able to download data you need to install the configuration software.

This software is available on our website.

Installation tutorial:


Step 1) Open the data logger by unscrewing the rear of the logger housing.

Step 2) Connect the Data logger to your PC using the USB A cable and open the ARM configuration software

Step 3) Open the configuration software

  • Click on refresh and wait until the COM Port is shown
  • Click on Connect
  • Click on Get configuration from the unit

Step 4) Open Logging tab and use the download button to download the data.

Note: Section 3) - You can save or copy the data

The data log file will be saved as TXT file

File preview:

Log Format

Date/Time, Log1 (CH1), Log (CH2)

For Dcell W -

CH1 is an analogue channel

CH2 is a digital channel

For Dcell W2D

CH1 is a digital channel

CH2 is a digital channel

Log Values

Digital log values will be the number of pulses received on the channel over the log period. Analogue log values will be the Voltage in millivolts unless the unit is calibrated to a particular sensor. i.e. Pressure etc.

Step 5) Disconnect the data logger.

For more information or additional help, please contact us.

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Dcell W & W2D
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Log file example
Dcell W & W2D

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