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How to replace a battery for data logger Dcell W & Dcell W2D
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How to replace a battery for data logger Dcell W & Dcell W2D

Battery replacement

The battery in the DataCell will provide an exceptionally long power supply performance. However, dependent on the frequency of the call rate selected by the user when programming (default 15 minutes data logging interval) the unit, it may be necessary to change the battery pack at some time in the future.

Note: Battery is available for purchase from Deeco Services

Product code: EURO BATT

For more information, please contact us.

Safety warning

  • This product contains a primary lithium battery cell.
  • Any use of the product contrary to that described in the user manual may prevent risk of personal injury, high temperatures, fire or explosion and will void any performance specifications of the product.
  • Do not open, damage, puncture, or expose to temperatures above 55 ℃
  • Transport and dispose of in accordance with manufacturer instructions and local regulations.
  • Do not use this product if it is damaged in any way.

Replacing the battery pack

1) Disconnect the sensor lead from the Data logger.

2) Open the data logger by unscrewing the rear of the logger housing.

3) Undo the sensor connector retaining nut.

4) Remove the entire assembly from the enclosure.

5) Replace the Battery in the Battery holder observing correct polarity.

6) Reassemble the unit

Note: Ensure all seals and O-rings are in place and not damaged. Aegis does not Warrant units with damaged or incorrectly fitted seals.

Resetting the battery status using DataCell ARM

After successful replacement the battery status needs to be reset to 100%. This action is requiring Computer and ARM software.

Note 1: The software is available on our website.


Note 2: Software installation & troubleshooting


1) Connect the Data logger to your PC using the USB A cable and open the ARM configuration software

2) Select the active port and click on Connect

3) Download the configuration from the Data logger

4) Open the configuration tab and reset the battery level

You can verify the reset by pressing the "?" and reading the received data log

5) Disconnect the data logger

For more information or additional help, please contact us.
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