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RTU RF G5 MASTAER - Installation Instructions

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Note: Connect the YELLOW wire with the BLACK wire.

Hardware Definitions on BIC 2500

In order to add the RF G5 to the Dream Hardware Definitions, go to the Setup (Screenshot 1 on Image 1), then select the Hardware/Connection option (Screenshot 2). For changing the Hardware Definitions, press Enter and insert the “247” password (Screenshot 3). At the Hardware Definition screen press Page Down button (Screenshot 4).

The RF G5 does not include an interface card. The RF Master G5 card has been used as Master and Interface between the Dream 2 to the RTUs in the field. Add one RF RTU Interface and press the Page Down button (Screenshot 5). Select an available address for the Interface RF (Screenshot 6).

The Interface RF address number must be the highest of all the Interfaces addresses which connected to the Dream 2. The reason is, that the Interface RF holds the next ten addresses after his address.

On the right side of the Interface RF Address there is the Polling rate number. The Polling rate is not relevant on RF G5. You can leave it as 5 (Default) as described in screenshot 7. In order to exit from Hardware Definition screen, press the Page down and F4 button. The Connections Definition screen will appear (Screenshot 8).

Define the Outputs and Inputs connection which connected to RTUs RF in the field. The Interface address should be the RF G5 address.

Installing the RF G5 Master



- Every RF G5 system must use a unique SYSTEM NUMBER. Make sure that in your vicinity there are no RF G5 systems using your RF G5 SYSTEM NUMBER. In order to set the RF G5 SYSTEM NUMBER, use the SYSTEM NUMBER rotary switches


Setting the RF G5 INTERFACE ID

- The RF G5 INTERFACE ID can be defined on Interface ID dip switch. The Interface ID of the RF G5 system Must have the highest address among the other addresses of the rest of the Interfaces.


Antenna installation

- In order to improve the RF reception, install the RF G5 MASTER Antenna in a high place. The top of the RF G5 MASTER Antenna must be installed on a pipe made of non-metallic material.

- It is recommended to install the RF G5 MASTER Antenna in a place which the RF G5 MASTER Antenna will have a Line of sight with the RTU’s that communicating directly with the RF G5 MASTER.



- Connect the RS485 two wires which coming from the RF G5 MASTER to the BIC 2500 Controller Remote I/O plug.

- Connect the +12V and -12V DC wires which coming from the RF G5 MASTER to the Dream 12V DC plug or to external 12V DC power supply

Note: Connect the YELLOW wire with the BLACK wire.

The RF G5 MASTER will select automatically the RF frequency. It examines the frequencies and chooses the first best available frequency that will find. If a foreign external transmitter will use the frequency which has been used by the RF G5 System, the RF G5 System will skip to another available frequency.