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Maddalena CD SD 8 LI (CLASS B)

CD SD is designed for indoor use only and provides the most reliable and economical solution for measuring cold and hot water up to 90deg C. Ideal for individual consumer metering within apartment buildings or gated communities where the meters are indoor.


Main Characteristics

  • Designed for cold or hot water 90°C rated.
  • Class B approval in compliance with Directive 75/33/EEC or Directive 79/830/EEC ISO 4064.
  • Direct reading on 8 numbered drums: 5 black for cubic metres plus 3 red for decimals.
  • Hot forged brass body (OT58).
  • Nominal working pressure: 16 bar.
  • Patented and certified device against damage caused by frost or water hammers.
  • Hydraulic tests are carried out at three flow rates.
  • (Qmin, Qt and Qmax) on 100% of the production. Our testing benches comply with standards ISO 4064/3 and ISO 4185 and are approved by a Eu-ropean metrological institute.
  • RS-SD Pulse out available on request
  • Pulse value: 1 pulse per 10 litres.

Typical Accuracy Curve and Typical Headloss Curve

Accuracy and Headloss Curve

Overall Dimensions and Hydraulic Performances

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Maddalena CD SD 8 LI (CLASS B)

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