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Maddalena Multijet Turbine Meters

Sealed register permanently protected dial multi-jet meter DS TRP MID is the latest range of sealed register permanently protected dry dial multi-jets by Maddalena designed to meet the strict requirements of the Directive 2004/22/EC on measuring instruments and of European Standard EN 14154. DS TRP MID combines high performance at low flow rates and maximum resistanceto high flow rates and pressure. DS TRP MID is designed for remote communication: it may be equipped with a pulser of the latest generation and a radio module maintaining the mechanical and metro logical characteristics and without affecting readability. DS TRP MID is guaranteed by Maddalena: manufacturer of high quality measuring instruments for the past century.



DS TRP MID multi-jet water meters feature a sealed register and permanently protected dial design.
The plate showing the measurement and the MID inscriptions does not come into contact with the flowing water. As a result it remains perfectly clear ensuring reading with scaling and ferrous water and suspended particles contained in water. Readability is also ensured by the mineral tempered glass lens which has a flat and smooth surface and, unlike plastic lenses, is scratch resistant and does not turn opaque. DS TRP MID meters are unaffected by external magnetic interference and are tamper proof. Performance is unaffected by the installation conditions and the water characteristics. DS TRP MID water meters may be equipped with a new generation bidirectional static pulser. The pulser may also be retrofitted in pre-equipped water meters maintaining the meter characteristics, the design and the mineral glass lens.


DS TRP MID meters are now available in a new version ready for retrofitting an inductive pulser. They are the only sealed register meters available in this design and that retain the glass lens. This has been made possible  
by the introduction of a new glass (GORILLA GLASS), widely used in electronic devices, that enables the use  
of a fully non-magnetic sensor (patent pending).

DS TRP MID water meters are certified in accordance with the Directive 2004/22/EC (Annex MI-001) and have undergone conformity assessment procedure B+D. The maximum measuring range Q3/Q1 (R) certified is 200. As a result, water meters with a lower ratio (R160, 125, 100, etc.) may be manufactured. DS TRP MID water meters are also certified for use with potable water in accordance with the Italian ministerial decree 6 April 2004 no. 174 and international regulations.

Meter structure

Technical Specifications

• Tempered mineral glass lens of adequate thickness (1) The inductive design features a high-performance glass lens

• The numbered drums, the cubic meter fractions, the MID inscriptions and the serial number are in the sealed register and do not come into contact with water ensuring continued readability (2)

• Pre-equipped meters maintain both the mineral glass lens and the standard inscriptions

• The serial number is marked on the dial both in digits and in barcode form. It is also marked on the closing ring (3)

• No upstream or downstream straight pipe requirements

• Installation in vertical pipes available on DN 13 and DN 20 meters (see relevant data sheet)

• R50 meters for vertical installation are also available

• PiiP certification mark available upon request on Q3 2.5 water meters (certificate no. 01/325/2003)

• Internal and external epoxy powder coating

• Stainless steel numbered drums’ shaft

• Inlet strainer with wide straining area

• Non-return valve available upon request

• Internal components made of anhygroscopic, anti-scaling and wear resistant plastic materials

• Maximum water temperature: 50 °C; 90 °C version available on request (not approved)

• Nominal working pressure: 16 bar

Wiring example - Maddalena Multijet meter with RS-DS Reed Switch to Dcell W datalogger

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