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Sensus Meistream Plus

GERMAN MADE HIGH-PERFORMANCE COLD WATER METER, Class C Performance Capable Industrial, Municipal, Commercial and District Metering Applications Meistream Plus replaces the need to use combination meters. Individually tested and certified to ISO/EEC Class C, Hydro-dynamically balanced rotor, IP68 rated copper/glass rotatable register, pulse-Opto and automatic meter read/radio read output options. Lowest starting flow. Large Turbine meters available. 50°C maximum water temperature. OIML Class 2 Pattern Approved Certified. ISO/EEC approved interchangeable measuring element. Flanged to AS4087 PN16


Main characteristics

  • Meter with MID pattern approval acc. to annex MI001
  • Exchangeable metrological unit with MID pattern approval acc. to annex MI001
  • Unique measuring range; Q3/Q1 ≥ 315 in horizontal installation
  • High overload capability
  • No straight inlet length necessary (U0D0 acc. to OIML R49 and ISO 4064-1:2014)
  • Meter body in short (WP) and long (WS) overall length acc. to DIN 19625 and ISO 4064-1:2014 available
  • Meter can be submerged; protection class IP68
  • Used materials are temperature resistant up to 70 °C
  • Register prepared for HRI-Mei pick-up
  • Use of optical pulsers type OD is still possible


  • Measurement for billing of cold potable water up to 50 °C
  • Measurement of medium and high flowrates
  • Measurement of low flow e. g. in light load periods
  • For leakage control

Available options

  • HRI-Mei factory mounted
  • Version for use in hazardous area
  • ¼" pressure monitoring port
  • Encoder register with different data protocols

Performance Data

Performance data



Typical Headloss and Typical Error Curve

Headloss and Error Curve

Installation Requirements

  • Unrestricted straight pipe upstream 0 x DN
  • No abrupt restrictions directly downstream of the meter

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Sensus Meistream Plus

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