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Talgil - Filtron 1-10 BT - Filtration Backwash Controller

Deeco - FT1-10 - Product Image
Brand: Talgil
Category: Filtration, Filtration Controllers
Mobile Bluebits App:

Apple: iOS 11.0 or later.
Android: Version 9 or later.

Product Description

Following the tradition of the well-known family of TALGIL’s backflushing controllers, the FILTRON 1-10 BT offers professional features, simplicity of use, and uncompromised reliability. Suitable for gravel filters, disc filters, and screen filters. An intuitive smartphone application is available in the stores for professional filter flushing management via Bluetooth communication.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy operation via the App on your phone. Available both for Android and iOS phones
  • No need to physically program the controller, can be done via BT reception range (10-20 meters away)
  • A detailed historical log of the backflushes, which allows identifying historical problems
Deeco - Filtron - App 1

1. Main Screen allows defining back flush program and monitoring status.

2. Easy-to-use settings screen with all the relevant parameters.

Deeco - Filtron - App 2

3. Total Daily summary of backflushes, by trigger type-DP, Time & Manual.

4. Hourly Summary of backflushes, with a clear indication in case of LOOPING fault.

Technical Data


  • Operates up to 10 Filters (Modular 2/4/6/8/10)
  • DC model - 2 Wired 12V DC pulse Latching solenoids
  • AC model - 24V AC solenoids


  • Analog DP - Comes equipped with a robust built-in Analog DP sensor.
  • Digital DP - Input for external DP sensor (dry contact).
  • Pressure switch - Freezes the controller when low water pressure was detected (dry contact).

Modes of operation:

  • Freeze - No Backflushing.
  • DP Only - Flushing is triggered only by high Differential Pressure. The DP sensor type can be Analog or Digital.
  • Time & DP - Flushing is triggered either by DP or by time, the one that occurs first.
  • Manual - Allows manual Start/Stop of Flushing.

Filtration network:

  • Enable/Disable Main valve and period of Pre-Dwell time.
  • Enable/Disable Alarm output – Low battery and Looping.

Filtration schedule:

  • Flushing time - Flushing duration of every filter.
  • Flushing interval – Waiting period between flushing cycles.
  • Dwell time – Pause period between flushing filters.
  • Analog DP Set Point- DP Set Point, triggers a backflushing cycle.

Realtime tracking:

  • Remaining time to next flush.
  • Remaining time to current filter flushing.
  • Actual DP value.

DP Sensor options:

  • DP Units - Pressure units can be: PSI or BAR.
  • Looping limit - Detection of consecutive flushing cycles due to a failure.
  • DP Delay- The period between the detection of high DP and Start flushing.
  • Calibration - Calibration of the analog DP sensor.

Accumulations and Logging:

  • Statistics -Total accumulations of flushing by Time, DP, or Manually.
  • Flushing log graphs - Daily and Hourly Flushing graphs by Time, by DP, or Manually.
  • Looping Tracking - Indicates looping events on graph.

Energizing options:

  • DC model - 4 Alkaline batteries size “D” or 12V DC from an external source.
  • AC model – 110/220V AC from mains

Bluetooth Communication:

  • Utilizes BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. Allows up to 60 meters between phone and controller

BlueBits App:

  • Supports iOS and Android operation systems. Easy to use smartphone application. High performance, User friendly, and Modern graphical design.

Talgil - Filtron 1-10 BT - Filtration Controller

Product Code Description
FILTRON-BT-AC2 Talgil Filtron AC, 2 Outputs (up to 10 Outputs), Bluetooth Controller, C/W DP Sensor.
FILTRON-BT-DC2 Talgil Filtron DC, 2 Outputs (up to 10 Outputs), Bluetooth Controller, C/W DP Sensor.
Product Code Description
TG-FILTRON-AC-EXP2OUT Expansion card 2 Outputs for AC Filtron Controller
TG-FILTRON-DC-EXP2OUT Expansion card 2 Outputs for DC Filtron Controller
UPD United Pressure Differential Switch
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