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BIC Console Software - Download & Installation Tutorial

The CONSOLE is a desktop application which allows controlling multiple controllers from anywhere at any time via the internet. In this tutorial we will show you how you can download and install this software

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BIC Console Software - Download & Installation Tutorial

The CONSOLE is compatible with all windows versions from XP and above.

The CONSOLE allows to remotely:
- Supervise current irrigation status.
- Make changes in irrigation programs
- Create Scada control maps
- Analyse statistical data in tables or graphs
- Create sophisticated reports regarding the water & fertilizer consumption
- Revise the event log
- Detect hardware/ RTU problems
- Create new / change existing configuration
- Update the controller firmware
- Define which alarms will be pushed to the phone as massages / emails.
- Open / Close outputs manually
- And more!

How to Download & Install BIC Console Software

Step 1 - Download the installation file

- Visit download page and section BIC Console


- Scroll down and click on the download for Windows Button

- The browser will start download the file (bottom left corner of your browser)

- Open the installation file

Step 2 - Install the BIC Console Software

- Double-click on the installation file

- Click on RUN

Note: The Windows may ask you for installation permission. If yes, please click on YES.

- Click on Next

- Accept the agreement

- Click on Next

- Select the installation folder or leave it as default

- Click on Next

- Select Create a start Menu folder and Create shortcut for all users (this action will create a shortcut on your desktop)

- Click on Next

- Wait for the installation to finish

- Click on finish

Step 3 - Open the BIC Console Software

- Double-click on the Console icon on your Desktop

- Loading screen

- Use your login details to log in
- Click on Connect

The installation is now completed.

Please, let us know if you have any questions or need additional support.

BIC Console - User Manual