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Filtersafe - Titan Series - Automatic Self-Cleaning Screen Filter

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Product Image
Brand: Filtersafe
Category: Filtration, Automatic Filters - Screen
Filtration Degree:

10-500 micron

Screen Area:

7000-40000 cm²

Product Description

The Filtersafe TITAN Automatic Screen Filters offer superior and reliable filtration technology suited for removing suspended solids from water in the industrial, agricultural, and municipal sectors down to 10 microns. The TITAN filter offers the largest screen area in a horizontal configuration, resulting in lower installation and operational costs, easier service and maintenance, and increased safety, given the filter installation at human height.

Features and Benefits

  • Full 316 Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Largest Screen Area in a Horizontal Filter
  • Continual operation – No downtime when flushing.
  • Easy Maintenance – No Need for Walkways and Lifting Cranes
  • No need to disassemble electrical components for maintenance
  • Internal screen slider system for quick removal and reassembly
  • Internal screen slider system for quick removal and reassembly
  • Designed for High TSS Applications
  • Optional NSF61 Drinking Water Certified Model Available
  • Up to 2,800 m³/h Max. Flow Rate
  • 10 – 500 μm Filtration Degree
  • 10 & 16 bar Max. Operating Pressure
  • Low flush flow
  • 2 bar (30 psi) Min. Operating Pressure
  • Up to 40,000 cm2 filter area
  • AD 2000 Design code
  • Temp 60°C
Titan Series - Typical Installation

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Typical Installation

Cleans while in operation:

  1. Cleaning is initiated by either differential pressure (DP) build-up across the smartweave fine screen when it's dirty, by a timer, or by manual flush which is controlled by an external PLC controller.
  2. The cleaning cycle starts by opening the flush valve, allowing water from the clean side of the screen to reverse back through the screen surface at high velocity, dislodging entrapped particles off the screen to the nozzlex cleaning nozzles and expelled from the filter.
  3. The cleaning mechanism is rotated by a drive motor and moved laterally with the cleaning nozzles to completely clean the screen. The filter remains online during the cleaning process allowing for a continuous flow of clean filtered water downstream without any interruption.

All settings are determined by the controller. Cleaning cycle initiation is possible via a preselected DP level, specific time, or combination of both. The length of the flush is customizable.

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Cleaning

Robust Controller

The Unitronics PLC Jazz Controller automatically manages the flushing of your TITAN filters.

  • One board can control up to 4 filters.
  • Quick & intuitive setup
  • Wide voltage range, 3 phase 190 – 480V, 50/60Hz + PE.
  • Useful hard-wire interface for customer monitoring and operation.


  • Modbus TCP (Ethernet) communication interface for detailed system monitoring

Technical Data

General Data

Filtersafe - Titan Series - General Data


Filtersafe - Titan Series - Operation

Screen Data

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Screen Data

Control & Electricity

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Control & Electricity

Construction Materials

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Construction Materials

* Dependent on filtration degree, water quality, and inlet size. Contact Deeco for more information

**Other Equipment & Materials are available on request

*** Available in DIN PN10/16, British standard BSTD/E, ANSI B16.5 150PSI. For additional standards contact us.

Titan Series Models and Head Loss Graphs

Titan 7K

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan7k

Head Loss Graph

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan7k Head Loss

Titan 10K

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan10k
Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan10k Dimensions

Head Loss Graph

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan10k Head Loss

Titan 20K

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan20k
Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan20k Dimensions

Head Loss Graph

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan20k Head Loss

Titan 30K

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan30k
Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan30k Dimensions

Head Loss Graph

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan30k Head Loss

Titan 40K

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan40k Dimensions

Head Loss Graph

Filtersafe - Titan Series - Titan40k Head Loss
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