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Sensus MeiStream RF Meter

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Product code: MS 060 RF +

Product description: DN 65

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German-made high-performance cold water meter, Industrial, Municipal, Commercial, and District Meter Applications. Individually tested and certified to ISO/EEC Class C (R160), Hydro-dynamically balanced rotor, IP68 rated, pre-equipped with Sensus ‘RF’ Drive-by / Walk-by AMR (automatic meter reading) & datalog collection capability. Digital Register. Lowest starting flow. Large Turbine meters available. 50°C maximum water temperature. OIML R49 Class 2 R315 Pattern Approved Certified. ISO/EEC approved interchangeable measuring element. Flanged to AS4087 PN16


Main characteristics

  • Register with integrated radio communication and data logger
  • LC-display for consumption and status information
  • Secured encrypted data transmission
  • Meter with MID pattern approval acc. to annex MI001
  • Exchangeable metrological unit with MID pattern approval acc. to annex MI001
  • Unique measuring range; Q3/Q1 ≥ 100
  • High overload capability
  • No straight inlet length necessary (U0D0 acc. to OIML R49 and ISO 4064-1:2014)
  • Installation position horizontal and vertical
  • Meter body in short (WP) and long (WS) overall length acc. to DIN 19625 and ISO 4064-1:2014 available
  • Meter can be submerged; protection class IP68
  • Used materials are temperature resistant up to 70 °C

Sensus Meisteream RF Meter
Sensus Meistream RF Meter


  • Radio equipped watermeter for walk-by/drive-by readout applications
  • Metering endpoint in radio based Smart Water Networks
  • Measurement for billing of potable water up to 50 °C
  • Measurement of high flowrates e.g. in pumped pipes
  • Measurement of low flow e. g. in light load periods
  • For leakage detection

Available options

  • Version free of copper alloy for aggressive water
  • ¼" pressure monitoring port

Performance Data

Metrological Data acc. to Manufacturers Values

Metrological Data acc. to 2014/32/EU (MID)


Typical Headloss and Typical Error Curve

Installation and Installation Requirements

  • Unrestricted straight pipe upstream 0 x DN
  • No abrupt restrictions directly downstream of the meter

Materials and Dimension Picture

Available Lengths

Order example

MeiStreamRF infrastructure

The MeiStreamRF has SensusRF integrated technology providing the advantages of both uni and bidirectional system architecture as described below. SensusRF is the optimized license free radio system for battery driven endpoints and repeaters. Scalable for mobile and remote reading without exchange of components, it is available in 433 MHz.

SensusRF offers two communication modes

1. Fixed Radio Network

  • Auto configuration wizard (gateway sniffing for endpoints and repeaters)
  • Integrating repeaters (up to 7 hops in a chain)
  • Self-healing network (using alternative routes)
  • Meter reading transparent and local
  • Fast track alarms
  • DMA snap shot (snap shot of a water network for evaluation)
  • TCP/IP technology for the WAN communication
  • High level of data security (end-to-end encryption)
  • Enables cloud technologies, FTP and other remote database applications

2. Mobile read - Walk-by / Drive-by

  • Unidirectional telegrams
  • Bidirectional communication
  • Spontaneous reception possible without route
  • Configuration of the endpoint SIRT (Sensus Interface Radio Tool)

SIRT is a radio modem for SensusRF radio, connected to a handheld via Bluetooth and using Sensus Diavaso Mobile Reading software with the following features:

  • Installation and readout of devices
  • Reception of frequently transmitted radio messages from Sensus RF radio endpoints
  • Request additional information from the radio endpoints
  • Change configuration of radio endpoints (alarm, level settings... )

For further information please refer to the SensusRF brochure.

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Sensus MeiStream RF Meter

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