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Sensus Pulse RF

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Product code: RF Pulse Unit

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Sensus PulseRF module allows you to integrate meters with a pulse output into the Sensus RF radio system. It is mainly used with C&I water meters, but can also be used with thermal energy, gas and electricity meters.It is designed to transmit meter data frequently or on request to mobile readout devices, or to a Sensus RF fixed radio network. The PulseRF module creates data out of incoming pulses and transmits them to an external data management system (such as a meter index, alarms or additional information as Fixed Date Reading or data logger). In addition to transmitting the meter index, the module has numerous smart functions that provide added customer value.

RF Pulse Unit

Benefits and Features

  • Transmission of consumption values
  • Data Logging (by steps of 1 min to 24h)
  • Active alarm status (cable cut or removal, leakage, broken pipe, reverse flow,
  • low battery
  • Pulse Input
  • Flow Direction Input
  • Units for Energy and Volume
Sensus Pulse RF
Sensus PulseRF

Technical Specifications


Dimensions max.: 45 x 115 x 40 mm

Weight: 230 g

Casing: ABS

Colour: Grey

Electronics & battery sealed

Cable length: 2.5 m

Max. cable length: 15 m

Power supply

Lithium battery

Battery life: typically 15+ years depending on usage profile

Radio specification

433 MHz at 10mW

Radio protocol

SensusRF radio protocol bi-directional

FlexNet protocol (TFX) bi-directional

wMBus OMS unidirectional


Operation: min –20 °C / max +60 °C

Storage: min –20 °C / max +70 °C

Protection rating: IP68

Mounting bracket

The transponder can be fixed on a wall with a mounting bracket which is part of the consignment


Has to be recycled according to national rules for electronic devices with lithium batteries.

Applied Standards

EN 62479; EN 60950-1;

Radio frequency: EN 300 220-1/-2

EMC: EN 301 489-1/-3



To connect Sensus PulseRF to a meter with pulse

unit we recommend: Jointing sleeve IP 68, order no. 18 17 84

Connector IP68 for two cables up to 5 wires

Pulse Interface

Meters with a pulse output, as open collector or reed switch, can be

connected. The Sensus PulseRF has one 4 wire input enabling the following


  • Pulse input (+) (white)
  • Cable cut (green)*
  • Direction (yellow)*
  • Ground (-) (brown)

Configuration interface

The transponder can be configured using SensusRF radio with SIRT and configuration software.

Activation via radio or automatically through first 10 pulses.


  • Meter ID
  • Meter Reading
  • Alarms (leak, cable cut*, reverse flow*, broken pipe, internal errors, low battery)
  • Fixed Date Reading
  • Data Logger

* Depending on the connected pulse device Assembly versions

For Sensus mechanical water meters prepared for HRI or HRI-Mei pick-up an assembly with connected pulser exists.

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Sensus Pulse RF

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