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Latest Release Notes Summary - Bermad - Omega - Cloud Based Irrigation Controller

Bermad - Omega Irrigation Controller - Release Notes

To find your Omega Controllers version, go to settings and check the "Firmware version". It should be

Omega 1- version number

A few of the main changes made are as follows :

1) Now omega can be connected to devices of Switch type (ON/ OFF)

To define a switch, go to Controller and click on the Claudio bot to set it up.

Omega 3 - Bot

Click on Set Switch

Omega 4 - Set Switch

Select the Input for the Switch to be defined

Omega 5

Name the switch and define it from the set of options as below.

Omega 6

Once the switch is defined, a text message for "open to close" and "close to open" events can be defined. This message will be displayed in the logs, the real-time screen, and in the notification e-mail.

Omega 7

Refresh the page to see the defined switches in the controller settings

Omega 9 - Switches

Defined switched will be displayed in the log


2) Now programs or irrigating valves can be set to “pause” as a reaction to analog sensors thresholds, switch’s position change, or flow alerts. In this stage, a resume can be done manually only (Auto resume is under development).

3) Now programs or valves can be set to “Do nothing” as a reaction to analog sensors thresholds, switch’s position change, or flow alerts. For some critical situations like low power, this ability was excluded.

4) The program synchronization mechanism was upgraded. Now the new updates are waiting in the server for the right time to be downloaded to the controller and the server will try to complete the task multiple times, till success. This change will avoid the need for manual synchronization.

5) Bugs were fixed in the fertilization module including fixing the alert text and mismatching between the irrigation method and the fertigation method (time/ Volume).

6) Some changes were made to the water meter totalizers in the real-time screen. Now the last reading can be seen also in disconnection status and the totalizer field side was extended