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How To: Reinstall Sensus Diavaso Apps

Latest App Versions:

Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Latest App Version

To update the apps manually - Please follow the steps below.


Check your collection mobile Server Settings (Save/Write down the URL Address and the Port)

  • Open the Diavaso Collection Mobile Application
Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Collection Mobile App
  • Select the configuration Menu - Three lines top right corner.
Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Configuration
  • Select the - Server Connection Details
Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Connection Details
  • Write down/Save your CM Server details.
Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Server

Step 2

Go to your Tablet's settings and un-install all Diavaso Applications

  • Go to Settings->Applications/Apps
  • Locate the Diavaso Apps
  • Click on each App individually and select un-install.
Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Uninstall

Step 3

Step 4

  • Open the APK file.

Note: You may need to go to your folder manager -> Downloads

Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Downloads
  • Once you open it the Diavaso will ask you if you want to install the package - Click Install
Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Install

Step 5

  • Update all apps by clicking on the UPDATE button.

Note: It may take a few seconds to see some action - After you click on UPDATE -Please wait for the app as it is downloading the update .

Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Update

You can check the download progress by "swipe" down the top menu bar.

Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Download Progression
  • After download - You will get a download notification - Click on Install
Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Click Install
  • Once you install all apps your version will be updated to:
Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Version Update

Step 6

  • Open the Diavaso Collection Mobile and update the server details back to your Server.

Note: As per step 1

Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Server Address.

Step 7

  • Your license keys should not be affected.

To check your license -Open each App. If you get a TRIAL Version notification for apps that have been activated - Please follow the steps below.

  1. Open each app individually:
  • Go to Settings (Three lines menu - top left corner)
  • Select Settings

Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Settings  tab
  • Select License
Sensus - Diavaso Apps - License select

2. Write down the device ID and App name.

Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Device Serial ID

Once you collect your Apps Device IDs, please send them to Deeco and a new license key will be generated for you.

Please Note that each app has a unique Device ID.

Email Example:

Diavaso Configuration & Service


Diavaso Data Logger

Device ID: GFDAQ

Diavaso Finder

Device ID: EQWSA

Diavaso Essential

Device ID: GGHHH

Diavaso Collection Station

Device ID: MKKDA