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How To: Request License Keys - Sensus - Diavaso Apps

Step 1

Open each App individually:

  • Go to Settings (Three lines menu - top left corner)
  • Select Settings
Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Setings

Step 2

  • Select License
Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Select License

Step 3

  • Write down the device ID and app name.
Sensus - Diavaso Apps - Device ID and App name

Step 4

  • Once you collect your Apps Device IDs - Please send them to us we will generate a new license key.

Please Note that each app has a unique Device ID.

E-mail example:

Diavaso Configuration & Service


Diavaso Data Logger

Device ID: GFDAQ

Diavaso Finder

Device ID: EQWSA

Diavaso Essential

Device ID: GGHHH

Diavaso Collection Station

Device ID: MKKDA