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Bermad Model 750 - 60 - Level Control Valve

The Model 750-65 Level Control Valve with Bi-Level Electric Float is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that controls reservoir filling in response to an electric float switch signal, opening at pre-set low level and shutting off at pre-set high level. The double chamber actuated Model 750-65-B is powered to fully open and close even at very low pressure.


Features and Benefits

  • Line pressure driven – Independent operation
  • Bi-Level electric float switch
    - On/off service
    - Low cavitation damage
    - No hydraulic sensing tubes
    - Simplified float installation and setting
    - Suited to various float switches
  • Solenoid controlled
    - Low power consumption
    - Normally Open or Normally Closed main valve
  • Double chamber
    - Full powered closing
    - Low throttling noise
    - Non-slam closing characteristic
    - Protected diaphragm
  • External installation
    - Easy access to valve and float
    - Less wear and tear
  • In-line serviceable – Easy maintenance

Major Additional Features

  • Full powered opening & closing – 750-65-B
  • Closing surge prevention – 750-65-49
  • Hydraulic float backup – 750-65-66
  • Altitude pilot backup – 750-65-80
  • Relief override – 750-65-3Q
  • Pressure sustaining valve – 753-65
  • Flow control valve – 757-65-U
  • Level sustaining – 75A-65


Bermad Model 750-60 - Level Control Valve - Operation

The Model 750-65 is a solenoid controlled valve equipped with a bi-level electric float switch* and a solenoid pilot.** The float switch [1] closes at pre-set low level, energizing the solenoid [2], and opens at pre-set high level, de-energizing it. Should the level drop, the solenoid is energized, causing the upper control chamber [3] to vent, opening the main valve. Should the level rise, the solenoid is de-energized, and pressure is applied to the upper control chamber harnessing line pressure to close the main valve.

For 8” (200 mm) valves and larger, an accelerator quickens valve response. For low pressure applications use the Model 750-65-B with double chamber operation.

* Other switching means are available.

** Normally Closed and Normally Open main valves are available.

Pilot System Specifications

Standard Materials:


Body: Brass or Stainless Steel

Elastomers: NBR or FPM

Enclosure: Molded epoxy

Tubing & Fittings: Stainless Steel 316 or Copper & Brass

Accessories: Stainless Steel 316, Bronze, Brass and Synthetic Rubber Elastomers

Float switch

Max. Current: 16A@250V

Fluid specific weight: 0.95-1.10

Working temperature: Water up to 60˚C (140˚F)


Length – 124 mm (4.9”)

Width – 90 mm (3.5”)

Cable length – 4.9 m (16 ft.)

Solenoid Electrical Data:


(ac): 24, 110-120, 220-240, (50-60Hz)

(dc): 12, 24, 110, 220

Power Consumption:

(ac): 30 VA, inrush; 15 VA (8W), holding or 70 VA, inrush; 40 VA (17.1W), holding (dc): 8-11.6W

Values might vary according to specific solenoid model


  • Recommended continuous flow velocity: 0.3-6.0 m/sec ; 1-20 ft/sec
  • Minimum operating pressure: 0.7 bar ; 10 psi. For lower pressure requirements please contact us

Typical Applications

Reservoirs vary in their characteristics – location, elevation, filling & emptying, flow & pressure, surface area, etc. These various characteristics require various level control valve solutions. The Model 750-65 is the ideal solution for level control in reservoirs – shallow and deep, low and high elevation, rooftop and basement, in water towers, and wherever electric power is available.

Bermad Model 750-60 - Level Control Valve - Typical Applications

Pumping to Uphill Reservoir

In a reservoir system where a pump provides pressure, consumers are prioritized over reservoir filling by installing the Model 753-65 Level Control and Pressure Sustaining Control Valve.

Gravity Filling a Downhill Reservoir

Where a reservoir provides pressure to consumers and fills a lower elevation reservoir, the consumers should be prioritized over filling the lower reservoir. Defining the pressure set-point for the standard level control and pressure sustaining valve is usually impossible, as there is only a very small potential differential pressure to operate the valve.

The solution: Rather than controlling the pressure during filling, control the filling flow ensuring sufficient pressure for consumers. Install the Model 757-65-U Level and Flow Control Valve.

Technical Data

Size Range: DN40-900 ; 11/2–36”

End Connections (Pressure Ratings): Flanged: ISO PN16, PN25 (ANSI Class 150, 300)

Threaded: BSP or NPT

Others: Available on request

Valve Patterns: “Y” (globe) & angle, globe (DN600-900 ; 24”-36”)

Working Temperature: Water up to 80°C ; 180°F

Standard Materials:

Body & Actuator: Ductile Iron

Internals: Stainless Steel, Bronze & coated Steel

Diaphragm: Synthetic Rubber Nylon fabric-reinforced

Seals: Synthetic Rubber

Coating: Fusion Bonded Epoxy, RAL 5005 (Blue) approved for drinking water or Electrostatic Polyester Powder

Differential Pressure Calculation

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2D CAD Drawing

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Engineering Data*
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