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Bermad - Model S392T 3 Way 9-20 Volt DC - TRIO Latching Solenoid

Product Description

The BERMAD Model S392T-3W is a compact 3-Way Latching Solenoid pilot valve comprised of two main components: a solenoid and a 3-way hydraulic pilot valve. The BERMAD latching solenoid can control valves independently or in combination with other control circuit accessories. Model S392T-3W consumes power only when switching positions, using a very short electric pulse. This prolongs the life of batteries and enables solar recharging. The hydraulic base features a three-position TRIO manual override and includes a bracket for attaching to the valve or to a solenoid manifold.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced Construction Materials, Unique Plastic Casing
    • Proven pressure, voltage and weather resistance
    • Highly durable in corrosive environments
    • Protection Class- IP68; NEMA Type 6D
  • Superb Internal Design and Finish
    • Reliable operation under dirt-loaded water.
  • Short Electrical Pulse Latch Activation
    • Extremely low power consumption
    • Low-voltage battery operation
    • Saves wires and infrastructures.
    • No coil heating.
    • Suites most Battery-Operated Controllers on the market
    • Applicable in solar-activated systems
  • Hydraulic Base with Installation Bracket
    • High flow capacity quickens valve response.
    • No dirt sedimentation inside the solenoid actuator
    • 3 position TRIO manual override (OPEN, AUTO and Close)
    • Simple installation to valve or manifold.
  • Reliable and Durable Product that Carries the Stamp of BERMAD Quality

Typical Applications

  • Systems distanced from control-center
  • Unavailable power supply locations
  • Solenoid-controlled on/off valves
  • Solenoid-controlled pressure and flow control valves
  • Multiple valve systems
  • Solenoid manifolds in irrigation heads
  • Distribution Centers
  • Energy Saving Irrigation Systems

Technical Data

Base Ports: ¼” NPT

1 - Vent

C - Valve Control Chamber

Actuator Port (Pressure) - 1⁄8” NPT

Valve Anchoring: By Screws (Self Tapping #8) at the Solenoid base

Leads: 2 leads x 0.32 mm2 x 80 cm

Operation Modes (electrical connections)

+Red & - Black: Solenoid vents

+Black & - Red: Solenoid pressurizes.

Operating Pressure Range: 0-10 bar

Base Orifice Diameter: 2.0 mm

Actuator Orifice Diameter: 1.6 mm

Base Flow Factor:

Kv = 0.08 m3 /h @ 1 bar DP;

Cv = 0.09 GPM @1 psi DP


Actuator Casing: Nylon

Seals: NBR

Wetted parts: Stainless Steel

Base: Nylon

Electrical Data:

Voltage Range: 9-20 VDC

Coil Resistance:

Coil Inductance: 15/18 mH(off/on)

Pulse Width: 20-100 mSec

Ambiant Temp. Max 60°C

Fluid Temp. Max 70°C

Technical Specifications

Bermad - S-392T-3W - Technical Specifications

Bermad - S392T-3W - Technical Specifications

Bermad - Model S392T 3 Way 9-20 Volt DC - TRIO Latching Solenoid

Product Code Voltage Position Description
B3WL-T 9-20VDC - S392T 3 Way Bermad TRIO 2 Wire 9-20VDC Latching Solenoid Base
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