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Talgil - Garden Wiz - Bluetooth Gardening Controller

Product Description

GardenWiz is an innovative smart Bluetooth landscape irrigation controller. It supports up to six irrigation valves and one output for the Main Valve. The controller has a modular design that enables the user to define the quantity of the irrigation valves.

Features and Benefits

  • Seven Outputs:
    • Operates up to six irrigation valves.
    • Special output for a main valve with three operation modes: Open Together, Open Before, or Open After the secondary valves with special delay.
    • Supports 2-wired 12V DC latching solenoids.

  • Two Digital Inputs:
    • Flow switch - Detection of No flow alarm during the irrigation or water leakage on idle mode.
    • Rain sensor - Detection of rain and disable irrigation program due to rain.

  • Setting Screen:
    • Full irrigation network adjustment: Number of irrigation valves, Enable/Disable main valve, main valve delay, Enable/Disable flow switch and water leakage detection delay. Enable/Disable sound.
    • Water dosage per valve or per start time.
    • Two Program Modes:
      • By Valve: each valve has four start times, a unique water dosage and in irrigation cycle.
      • By program: three irrigation programs (A,B, and C) that include all the valves. The valves work serially (One after the other). The program has four start times and an irrigation cycle that belongs to all valves.
      • Three cycle modes: Cycle of Days, Weekly, or Monthly
      • Time and Day format: AM/PM, 24 hours, Day/Month or Month/Day.

  • Friendly names and pictures:
    • Grant-friendly controller name
    • Grant friendly names and pictures to the irrigation valves.

  • Irrigation forecast:
    • Graphical irrigation performance calendar. Daily or Weekly layout.
    • Current or Next week's forecast.

  • Energy:
    • Two alkaline batteries size AA. The controller has low energy consumption.

  • Alarms:
    • History: Last day’s notification about alarms and irrigation failure.
    • No flow, Water leakage, Disconnected solenoid, Low battery, Rain, and Freeze.

  • Communication:
    • BLE Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Covers up to 60 meters with a line of sight between the smartphone and the controller.

  • Sound:
    • Sound during communication. Special sound during Failure detection.

Typical Application


Talgil - Garden Wiz Controller - Typical Application

Smartphone Applications

  • Support for Android and iOS
  • High Performance
  • Professional Gardening Application
  • Modern Design
  • User Friendly

Garden Wiz - App Preview


Technical Specifications

Energy: 2x 1.5V AA Batteries

Power Supply: During Bluetooth Communication 5mA. In Sleeping mode 30uA.

Communication: BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy

7 Outputs: 6x Irrigation Valve + 1x Main Valve.
Output Type: 12V DC Latch

2 Digital Inputs: 1x Flow Switch, 1x Rain Sensor.

Operating Temperature and Humidity: 0-60C, 0-90%

Wiring of Outputs

The GardenWiz supports up to six irrigation valves and one output for the main valve.

The controller has a modular design that enables the user to define the quantity of the irrigation valves. The irrigation valves quantity can be changed to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 outputs.

The number of outputs is not expandable.

Connect 2 wires - 12V DC Latch solenoids to the controller according to the appropriate colours on the output wire colour table.

All black wires are common.

The user can use any common wire for every output.


Wiring of Inputs

The Garden Wiz Includes two digital inputs.

  1. Flow Switch - Indicates if there is a flow during the irrigation or detects water leakage if there is no irrigation.
  2. Rain Sensor - Detects rain and does not allow planned irrigation programs to start. The rain input acts as normally closed; therefore, if there is no rain sensor, the input should be closed (shorted)


Talgil - Garden Wiz - Bluetooth Gardening Controller

Product Code OUT / DIGITAL IN Description
TG-GARDENWIZ6 6+1 OUT / 2 IN GardenWiz 6 Station Controller. Flow Switch and Rain Sensor Input
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