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NaanDanJain - Model 427B - Plastic Sprinkler

Product Description

1/2” Male; plastic sprinkler, full and part circle, with bayonet nozzles, adjustable diffuser pin, anti-splash hammer

20mm Upright Stand c/w 427B GAG sprinkler


  • Galvanized 20mm Upright stand
  • Quick controller


  • 1/2" Full and part circle plastic sprinkler
  • High -impact, Heavy-duty plastic materials provide resistance to corrosion, chemicals and UV radiation.
  • Colour-coded bayonet nozzles for easy service
NDJ - 427B Stand

Structure and Features

  • Can be used as a part circle or full circle sprinkler simply by flicking up the trip spring.
  • Recommended operating pressure range of 2.0 to 4.0 bar.
  • Special hammer ensures water stays within boundaries.
  • Radius of throw can be adjusted by stream deflector and also by diffuser screw.
  • Color-coded bayonet nozzles for easy service.
  • High impact and heavy-duty plastic materials for resistance to corrosion, agricultural chemicals and UV radiation


  • Specifically designed for use around field edges and headlands, also an excellent landscape irrigation sprinkler.

Technical Data


The 427 B sprinkler uses 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, 3.5 and 4.0mm nozzles.

NDJ - 427B- Performance Table

NDJ - 427B- Performance Table

NaanDanJain - Model 427B - Plastic Sprinkler

Amiad - NDJ - 427B - Product Image
Product Code Size Description Nozzle Colour Q at 3.0 Bar D at 3.0 Bar Box Quantity
5146728 2.8mm NDJ 427B-U Plastic Sprinkler - 2.8mm - Orange Box Nozzle (Red Sleeve Sprinkler) Orange Box 550lph 23.0m 100
5146730 3.0mm NDJ 427B Plastic Sprinkler - 3.0mm - Red Nozzle Red 630lph 24.0m 100
5146732 3.2mm NDJ 427B Plastic Sprinkler - 3.2mm - Green Nozzle Green 700lph 24.0m 100
5146735 3.5mm NDJ 427B Plastic Sprinkler - 3.5mm - Blue Box Nozzle Blue Box 810lph 24.0m 100
5146740 4.0mm NDJ 427B Plastic Sprinkler - 4.0mm - Black Box Nozzle Black Box 1030lph 26.0m 100
NaanDanJain - 5022SD 427B - Nozzles
Product Code Size Description Colour
NA582251 2.5mm 427 Bayonet 2.5mm - Nozzle - Violet Violet
NA582281 2.8mm 427 Bayonet 2.8mm - Nozzle - Orange Orange
NA582301 3.0mm 427 Bayonet 3.0mm - Nozzle - Red Red
NA582321 3.2mm 427 Bayonet 3.2mm - Nozzle - Green Green
NA582351 3.5mm 427 Bayonet 3.5mm - Nozzle - Blue Blue
NA582401 4.0mm 427 Bayonet 4.0mm - Nozzle - Black Black
NDJ - 427B Stand
Product Code Size Description
NAGUS427 20mm NDJ 427 Sprinkler 4.0mm Black - 20mm Upright Stand
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